Delivery in Moscow and Moscow Region

If you make an order for delivery, our managers will contact you to clarify all details of your order. They will help to choose the most suitable option for you. Besides our own delivery service, we work with leading transport companies.

For orders from 20,000 units delivery is free.

Delivery from storage is possible per 24 hours.

Delivery to other cities

Customers can choose a suitable option of receiving their order: self-delivery or delivery by transport company, that is convenient for the customer.

The cost of services of the transport company for the delivery is paid individually, or included in the cost of the product, according to the tariffs of the transport company.

Time of delivery depends on the transport company, usually it takes from 1 to 3 days.

Terms of cooperation

Our organization works with individuals and legal entities under the contract. Our assortment includes more than 60 types, and if you don’t find the right size of tray, we can make it for your product individually.

Minimal shipment for cooperation: multiple of the quantity in a box, at least 1000 pieces

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